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"The Avengers: Corneal End Game"

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Our next adventure will be “The Avengers: Corneal End Game” this Tuesday, April 21st from 7-8pm for 1 hour of D/T LIVE CE. This course analyzes the latest advances in the treatment of KeratoConjunctivitis Sicca, Persistent Epithelial Defects (PED), and other corneal conditions. The tools for treatment will be presented in a step-wise approach. First discussing treatment options with cyclosporine 0.09% (Cequa), then cryo-preserved amniotic membrane (Prokera), followed by recombinant nerve growth factor for treatment of PED and neurotrophic ulcers (Oxervate). Lastly, a novel modality of a repository corticotropin injection (ACTHAR) will be discussed as an option for severe recalcitrant case of keratitis and uveitis.

On Thursday, the 23rd of April, join us for the next program, from 7-8pm, for 1 hour of D/T CE called “The DEWS and Don’ts of Dry Eyes.” Using the humor of "Seinfeld", we will look at the DEWS-2 Report's new recommendations and guidelines of assessing and diagnosing dry eyes.

Become a member of the website:, click on the “Doctor Log in” tab; next, register on the “RSVP Webinar” for the course. Each class is ONLY $25. You will receive your “movie ticket” with the Meeting ID and your password for Download the software in advance (on your computer or phone) to test it out / become familiar with it.

Also, you can follow me on Instagram @NandatoryNews for the latest on ocular news.

Best regards,

Seema Nanda, OD

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