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"Introduction to Human Trafficking”


Texas is now the number one state in which human trafficking occurs. Doctors need to know how to recognize these situations if it appears in your practice. Optometrists are on the frontlines of providing eye care to people from all corners of the globe. Since cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio & Austin are very international locales, they become the top cities where the “new form of slavery” transpires.

Health care practitioners encounter a large number of individuals on a daily basis, making them essential in identifying victims of trafficking. Optometrists, dentists, pediatricians, and other primary care providers can help these victims if they have the tools to bring about awareness to the problems of labor or sex trafficking in the United States.

An "Introduction to Human Trafficking" course will be presented as LIVE on-line CE. The course will take place on Thursday night from 7:00-7:50pm CST to fulfill the 1-HR. Human Trafficking HT/CE requirement.

Become a member of the website:, use the “Doctor Log in” tab; next, register on the “Continuing Education” for the course. Each class is ONLY $25/hour. You will receive a “ticket” with the Meeting ID and your password for Download the software in advance (on your computer or phone) to become familiar with it. Follow on Instagram @NandatoryNews for the latest on ocular news.

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