Another Month in Captivity...

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Most of us are stuck at home trying to pass the time away - some by binge-watching anything they can get on Netflix, while others are figuring out fractions with their fourth graders. In the end, we are all craving to feel “normal-ish” again, but watching another show on COVID is NOT cutting it. 🙄

A good distraction would be engaging in safe and “socially distant” CE that is both educational and entertaining. "Edu-tainment" is a great way to forget about the stresses of life for awhile. This week we will be edu-tained through the music genre of the classic rock band... "Queen" as we learn about the meibomian gland disease in my lecture called: "Putting the Squeeze on Lid Margin Disease". This lecture is approved for both Texas and Alabama ODs needing 1 hour of D/T LIVE CE.