Lipid Tear Deficiency

The new Thermal 1-Touch device can aid the patient dry eye symptoms by heating the lids
thereby unclogging the "congested" Meibomian glands on upper and lower eyelids.

After 10 minutes of thermal treatment, Dr. Nanda expresses the Meibomian glands on the lower lids of a patient. 

One can see that the meibum produced is inspissated and thick. Thus demonstrating the lipid layer is thick like "lard" instead of thin as "olive oil".

Individual demonstrates 
Thermal-1-Touch treatment
to heat the Meibomian Glands on both upper and lower lids.

Make an appointment for an eye exam with Dr. Nanda at the Nanda Dry Eye and Vision Institute at   832-966-0660   to see if the Thermal 1-Touch is right for you.​