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Dr. Nanda's Biography

Dr. Nanda is the founder and director of the
Nanda Dry Eye & Vision Institute, a specialty clinic focusing on the treatment and management of dry eye disease and corneal conditions.

She is an adjunct Clinical Professor educating interns from the University of Houston College of Optometry (UHCO) in her clinic. She has instructed third-year students in the Cornea & Contact Lens Service and second-year students in the Medical Laboratory Procedures and Contact Lens Lab courses at the university for over a decade.


Dr. Nanda updates and adds the latest and most innovative technologies to her practice. She founded the Nanda Dry Eye & Vision Institute after working alongside retired corneal specialist, R. Edwin Pitts, MD from the Texas Eye Institute in Houston.

She has assisted in the pre- & post-op management of LASIK, Cataract Surgery, and Corneal Cross-linking and has served as Chief Examiner for several years at the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Dr. Nanda is also a key opinion leader and influencer in the ophthalmic community. She travels internationally and has given
over 500 presentations worldwide on the newest advances in the ophthalmic field and ocular medicine.


Dr. Nanda has actively participated in Medical Missions and performed eye care and glaucoma evaluations worldwide as part of her profound interest in community service.

Dr. Nanda's
Clinical Skills

Medical Mission / Clinica de Guererro 
Chihuahua, Mexico

Dr. Nanda's Memberships

Intrepid Eye Society

Member of Top Doctors in the USA 

Key Opinion Leaders
Optometric Community


Adjunct Clinical Professor

Dr. Nanda's Clinical Experience

University of Houston College of Optometry

Cornea & Contact Lens Clinic

Family Practice Clinic

Medical Laboratory Procedures

Contact Lens Laboratory

Former Clinical Director of Optometric Services

Texas Eye Institute

R. Edwin Pitts, MD - Corneal Specialist

Houston, TX

Clinical Training - Internship

Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute

US News & World Report- #1 Eye Hospital

Clinical Attending:  Stephen Pflugfleder, MD

Corneal Specialist at Baylor College of Medicine

Clinical Attending:  Scheffer Tseng, MD 

Corneal Specialist & CEO at TissueTech, Inc.

Miami, Florida

University Training

Doctorate of Optometry
Indiana University College of Optometry

Bloomington, IN

Bachelor of Science Microbiology  
Medical Technology

Dr. Nanda's Invention:

Nanda Amnio-Grip Forceps

Click on the button below can to order 
your own forceps today.

  • Instrument to be used with the Prokera Lens, a device made from amniotic tissue to aid in the healing of the cornea.  

  • Dr. Nanda has performed over 1,200 procedures with the Prokera lens.

  • She has saved countless patients from visual loss after an injury to the eye from corneal scarring.

  • For more information:

Nanda Amnio-Grip Forceps in Action

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